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It is our mission to improve the lives of veterans; one soldier at a time. We hope that this website will work as an easy to use communication tool between you and us. At all times Veterans For Vets will be 50% or more owned and operated by a Veteran. When you help us, you are helping Veterans. When we help you, we are helping veterans.

We want to help. We will begin working and communicate with you as soon as we recieve your request. We may get backed up a little but we look forward to that problem. Please make sure you give us your contact information in the form.

To get our team of caring individules started we ask that you indicate your need or your ability to help.

Thanks for everything you can do.

Thomas Dimond
Veterans For Vets


Veterans For Vets appreciates your kind consideration. 

We assure all of our sponsors, contributors and patrons that we will make sure that your dollars help veterans in our community. If you ever have a question,

Give me a call @ (314) 330-0693

Email me

Thomas B. Dimond
Veterans For Vets, LLC





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